A corrugated sheet can be made with different thicknesses depending on the ease of manipulating role in molding, compressive strength and the strength of protection.

The terms on Carton Box / Cardboard


The word is derived from the English creasing that pabrik karton box of the word “crease”, which means to fold / crease. In a cardboard box creasing world is going to crease the cardboard sheets that form the basin straight along a line that will be used as the crease. Creasing depth is normally half of the sheet thickness, but due to several considerations sometimes creasing depth of only 1/4 of a thick sheet and there is also to 3/4 of the thickness of the sheet.

Kind / type creasing there are three kinds: Flat Point, Point to Point and Three Point. Creasing what the appropriate type used depends on the model mold and the number of walls, whether single wall or double wall.


Slot or so-called slotter is symmetrical pieces hole that separated the first length, width I, II length and width II in the cardboard box Regular Slotted Container, Container Soltted Flap Over, Center Special Slotted Container and Full Flap Slotted Container.

For more details, see the image below.


Flap adalah bagian penutup Carton Box pada model Regular Slotted Container, Overlap Soltted Container, Center Special Slotted Container maupun Full Overlap Slotted Container.

Carton Box good when folded and formed the outer flap will close properly and there is no open gap.


Many people misinterpret Substance in Carton Box, they can not distinguish between substance with grammage.

In the language of “substance” can mean substance or material. In a cardboard box specification is the “substance” is made of whether the cardboard box was created. In this regard include the type of paper and gramaturnya. Writing substance in the world of carton box is standard that is written in the abbreviated form of paper type and grammage, starting from the outer layer, middle layer and the inner layer, and each separated by a slash. Writing sample substance K150 / M125 / K125, this means that the outer layer is the Kraft 150gsm, Medium 125Gsm middle layer and inner layers Kraft 150gsm.

While the “grammage” is a term in the paper industry, which means the number of grams per square meter. Paper area of one square meter once weighed 150gram said gramaturnya 150gsm. Unit grammage is GSM stands Grams per Square Meter.


So the distinction between “substance” and “grammage” is a substance including the type of paper and its grammage, while covering only heavy paper grammage not mention the type of paper

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