Tips Watch Movies in Cinema 21 Part 2

5. Can Watch rollicking

‘Not There Loe Not Rame’, undoubtedly remember this slogan is not it? The slogan is perfect for watching movies. Going to movies not fun when watching alone. You can invite friends, family, and even be able to bring the entire village for watching movies.

Watch together at the cinema can be a moment for full movie online closer relations. Until nan’s no surprise many people flocked to theaters for merely strengthen its relationship with other people in their environment. Generally, this trick used by the supervisors in an office or other workplace forum.

You can also invite family went to the movies together. By this it will be more harmonious family interactions, particularly between parents and their children.

6. Large Screen

The room at the cinema would provide a specific atmosphere for the audience, because faced with a large screen, and can sit back and relax while enjoying it. The big screen will make the audience’s attention focused on the film being screened nan.

7. Cinema Tickets Cheaper Than VCD / DVD Original

It is true, cinema tickets are cheaper when compared to buying a VCD / DVD original. If the movies 21 only need to spend Rp 20.000,00 and Rp 25.000,00. What if the purchase VCD / DVD original? Then spend at least USD 60,000.00. Nan to select which one?

8. Approach event or Courtship

For nan wants PDKT with gebetan? Or going without any interruption, cinema is the place. Invite your partner to watch a romantic movie. You can both enjoy and can drift into it without any interruption anyone. Because each person will focus on movies nan watched.

9. Not Leaving Trash

A movie ticket stub will leave only the small size nan. You will be comfortable watching without any garbage in the workshop here. Spectators can also enjoy popcorn or drinks, with a note after eating at the waste in place.

10. Streets After Film Completed

Watching a movie at the cinema 21 most was for 2 hours, depending on the film.You undoubtedly tired and want to feel the atmosphere of the new nan after sitting for 2 hour. Well, after you’re done watching, stroll the street for enjoying the dishes for nan wanted to eat.

11. Vehicle Recreation

In addition to his girlfriend and friends, who else watching a movie 21? Surely with the family. Watching movies in theaters could familiarize between family members.Nan its original family busy and tired with the affairs of each will be compatible with watching a movie together. Select a movie nan sync and enjoy.

Artists meet at Cinema 21

Watching movies in theaters incentive to meet the artist? Who is not tempted nan? If the latest movies and promos, certainly nan artists playing the movie was present in the promo. Autograph, be a gift, can even ask for a photo with the artist. Want?

Who does not want direct nan watch if a new movie premiere aired? In front of the cinema must have a lot of queues nan lengthwise. Make sure has been getting a ticket. Not to run.

Tips Watch Movies in Cinema 21

In order to watch the activities in theaters 21 along with loved ones or alone, you should notice the following things:

  1. Select a movie nan preferred. Do not get the wrong genre. It could be boredom comes even fall asleep in the cinema.
  2. Note showtimes. Select showtimes nan sync with time to spare. Selection of airtime is very important, especially if you have to perform the obligatory prayers.
  3. Do not until you arrive late. Most do not come 15 minutes before the movie starts. Delay will reduce the sense of fun movie.
  4. Ensure that the stomach is full so you do not starve or busy eating and drinking while in the cinema 21.
  5. Do not hold your pee, you should finish before going into the cinema room.
  6. Find reviews and movie trailers, so you do not need to get out of the cinema room because being bored while watching the film.
  7. If you like to watch, it’s good to be a permanent member theaters 21. Movies 21 offers a notification service showtimes and movie titles via sms and ticket booking on-line .

Compared to watch movies on pirated DVDs or rental, a movie 21 is slightly more expensive. However, the satisfaction obtained nan nan will be proportional to the money already paid. Whatever, you want to select where the nan. Enjoy watching!


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