The 7 Best Foods to Get Out of a Weight-Loss Plateau

Most women succeed in losing weight of between one and two pounds every week and then suddenly they hit the weight loss plateau. Though there is nothing to be worried about, there are things that you can do. The first thing that you should understand is that changing your routine drastically will help you cut your calories and reduce weight effectively. However, this can force you into eating less and it can also make you sleep less. The good news is that there are 7 foods that you should eat when you hit a weight loss programs plateau in order to overcome it.

The 7 Best Foods to Get Out of a Weight-Loss Plateau

The 7 Best Foods to Get Out of a Weight-Loss Plateau

  1. Carbohydrates

You should try to ensure that between 15 and 30 percent of the calories consumed at dinnertime consist of carbohydrates. This means that you should consume between 50 and 75 grams of carbs at dinnertime. Eating carbs at dinnertime is safe provided you do not exceed the recommended calorie count.

  1. Protein

When eating dinner make sure that approximately 40 to 45 percent of calories consumed are obtained from proteins. This means that you should aim to consume about 35 to 40 grams worth of protein. Protein helps you to maintain and build your muscle and since you won’t be exercising after dinner protein makes for the perfect meal before going to sleep at night.

  1. Fats

It is a good idea to consume between 15 and 25 grams of fats. Try to make sure that your fat content intake is not more than 10 to 15 percent of the total calories consumed by you at night. Try to consume fats like olive oil and sesame oil. You can also go with coconut oil and avocadoes are also worth checking out as too nuts and seeds. Keep away from beef and cheese.

  1. Fiber

You should consume about 25 grams of fiber each day. This means that you should consume a minimum of 8 grams of fiber at dinner. This is possible if you start eating whole grains and starch filled vegetables as well as beans and fruits as well as fats like avocadoes and nuts.

  1. Sugars

You should not consume more than 7 grams of sugar at night. And, if you are adding sugar to a dish then do not put more than 4 grams of it in the food.

  1. Raspberries

Raspberries are wonderful for women who have hit the weight-loss plateau. One cup of it will give you a lot of nutrients and vitamins suitable for you if you want to overcome your weight-loss plateau.

  1. Lima Beans

Lima beans are another excellent food for women who have hit the weight-loss plateau. They contain plenty of fiber and they are great because they provide your body with potassium, which eliminates excess sodium and fluids in your body. According to research, women who eat lima beans have smaller waistlines and they are 22 percent less at risk of becoming obese.

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