Seater cars that use diesel engines

Diesel cars – The fuel price hike would be a consideration in buying a new family car, let alone the price of diesel cheaper than petrol engine cars. But in Indonesia, the diesel engine is less popular, so very few manufacturers that provide the option of diesel engines when compared to gasoline engines. Want to know the car 7 car 7 seater diesel, let us see!

Chevrolet Spin

Chevrolet Spin

Chevrolet Spin are given 3 options by Chevrolet engine, a diesel engine of 1300 cc and 1200 cc petrol engine and 1,500 cc. Interesting if discussed Chevrolet Spin diesel. Because the machine is equipped with a turbo injection and common rail diesel technology is an option in low-class diesel vehicle entry MPV in Indonesia. This engine has a horsepower of 75 PS and torque of 190 Nm. But unfortunately if the car is priced more expensive than gasoline-powered cars, the Chevrolet Spin unfortunately does not provide an automatic transmission.

Kijang Innova

Toyota Kijang era of the late 1996 is equipped with a diesel engine option by Toyota, when the Toyota Kijang rival Isuzu Panther who often menjelit because the price of diesel fuel is cheaper than the price of Premium. But the legacy of diesel engine has continued despite being equipped with different engines are certainly much more powerful and sophisticated. Until now become a favorite vehicle Innova diesel because it is more economical than petrol Innova.

Isuzu Panther

Isuzu Panther is a diesel car that uses a conventional diesel engine until now. Nevertheless Isuzu Panther have advantages keiritan fuel and toughness, especially using the latest Isuzu Panther Isuzu Panther Turbo makes more wus pull-wus. Since 2000, the car has yet to have a change, very boring, but this car has proven resilient in all fields.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner diesel engine owned by Innova diesel, but lately Fortuner uses a new diesel engine equipped VN Turbo larger and powerful. Understandably for a car of this size some consumers complained Performance diesel engine underpowered diesel engines without VNT. Fortunately this diesel engine to answer consumer complaints, how not? VNT diesel engine’s intake may be able to boost engine power of 144 PS!

Pajero Sport

Pajero Sport is the SUV manufacturer Mitsubishi phenomenal sales of Mitsubishi since torpor left by Mitsubishi Kuda. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has the same base with the Strada Triton, yes that the Fortuner and Hilux. But for the Pajero Sport Dakar diesel engine equipped with Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) that is able to boost the diesel-powered 173 PS engine complete with 5-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Dakar answer doubts that the big diesel car berbodi could not provide the thrill of driving a super fast!

Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet Captiva diesel sempet famous a few years ago, but to this day it seems. Though there is no harm in the latest diesel Chevrolet Captiva, looks cool, cool interior, and the diesel engine is also okay. Perhaps the mistake lies in bandrol prices were quite high for a diesel SUV in its class. Chevrolet 2000 cc diesel has a horsepower of 163 PS is priced 371 million rupiah (5 seater), for the top variant with a 7 seater priced at 431 million rupees. Duh!

Hyundai Santa FE

Hyundai Santa FE is the most powerful diesel cars in class 7 passenger cars. VGT 2200 cc engine capable of producing 197 horsepower at PS with torque of 44.55 Kg / m. Not only that, the car’s transmission is also very capable, ie shiftronic 7-speed automatic transmission. About the price, this car does is quite expensive in the numbers 461 million rupiah, but in our opinion worth the one with the machine and the luxury offered by this car.

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