Review of Velodyne Vfree Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

There are so many models and brand of headphones that you can find at the market, with various prices and also quality. But there is one that can be your best companion in every activies, Valodyne Vfree wireless bluetooth headphone. With wireless technology, Velodyne Vfree offers you both best quality and also caomfortable design. Velodyne manage to put a great bass system inside its sleek and lightweight cup frame, in order for you to be able to enjoy clear audio at any volume. Since its wireless, it needs battery to operate. But it only consume low energy so the battery can last longer.

If you’d like to be more unique than any other people, you can try to customize the skin of this headphone. There are various option for you to choose and match it with your outfit style, with a total of nine customize skin option. Velodyne Vfree skin are made with three pieces, two for the cups and one for the headband. Placing it is also an easy task, you only need to snap it over the cups or the headband. Literally, just snap it.

There are control feature that you can find on the right cup of the headphone, and if you are using customized skin, you can find holes on the right cup skin to make way for you to access the control feature. With glossy plastic design for the cup, Velodyne decided to pair it with leather Mary Janes. Gives you more than just high quality, but also elegant and high class design. A LED indicator located on the right ear cup below the buttons, tells you about the status of your headphone. Whether it is on power on or pairing mode or even standby. Another LED indicator located on left ear cup, and this one tells you about the headphone’s battery life.

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