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Entering the era of global competition like this is not surprising if the Indonesian automotive market increasingly enlivened by a variety of new cars that not only comes from the Japanese manufacturer and in Asia, but also overwhelmed by the manufacturers of Europe, America and even Malaysia.


Every year for sure there was always a new car with a new lexus sports car 2017 design that is very attractive and has many advanced features in it, but even so it is good for those of you interested in buying a new car to take some tips how to choose the right and of course that in the future no regrets.

Here are some tips lightly in buying new cars in Indonesia:

  • The first check first the car body, for example, just make sure there are no beret and paint damage due to an impact. If you acquire the features of a car like that but still want to buy these types ask for replacement really smooth.
  • The second step after the exterior check and make sure the inside of plastic attached to the new car seat is still installed correctly. Besides asking the clerk showroom to test some of the components and make sure all in good condition, if not please do not hesitate to ask for a replacement.
  • Next if you have a deal to buy a car will usually be provided with a guide book and also book a service, you have to learn it properly and check carefully when service time is right.
  • After that, also check the vehicle documents such as chassis number and engine number, if there is inequality then immediately report it to the officer or the dealership showroom.
  • The fifth step is usually your car will be equipped with equipment or commonly called the tool kit, check the state of these tools and make sure it is in good condition and in accordance with the recommendation of the car factory.
  • And the last is to do a test drive first to see the original condition of the machine, do not forget tests are also part of the AC and the head unit located in the cabin.

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