Moviestarplanet Hack To Get Free Diamond Easy Tutorial

Using MovieStarPlanet hack to get free diamond is never being so easy if you don’t follow my advices today. This game is just never boring for some reasons. Firstly, there are many competitive modes or movies that you can play with your avatar. Secondly, the players of this game are always increased every day so that you will never play alone in this game. Last but not least, this is the most important reason. It is because of the hack that I will show in this website for you all players of MovieStarPlanet. What you need to do is just to follow my instructions in the last section of this article.

moviestarplanet hack 2

What is Free Diamond?

As I have said earlier, I would show you the MovieStarPlanet hack to get free diamond in this article. Perhaps, most of you don’t know what free diamond is. Diamond is one of the most important resources in this game. You can purchase everything that your avatar needs through the gameplay. It is like a money or currency. But, it is set only inside the game. For your information, you should get VIP membership firstly if you want to purchase the diamonds with the real money. Of course, it is the normal way to do. I have more challenging, instead. It is free for sure. You can use my hack below.

How to Get Them?

First off, you can get MovieStarPlanet hack to get free diamond by visiting the page. Then, you will be directed to the diamond generator on that page. You will see some boxes as well there. After that, you should choose the type of your mobile phone. The next boxes that you need to fill are the amount of diamonds that you want to add into your account. When you filled the numbers, you can go to the next box that requires you ID or username of the game. Click generate button and see your account in-game for the result.


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