How to Play Games Android Fluent No Lag DC Jams

Tutorial to prevent and overcome the lag DC or jam when playing games on android, HD games often have trouble error and stopped suddenly in unexpected ways, in order to play the game smoothly and does not slow then need a few tips to avoid it, in addition to a standstill hp android also experienced overclock or HP very quickly toasty when held, it indicates that your game including game Clash Royale Hack categories weight and performance of android is not qualified to playing, should any additional measures such as emulators applications or specific way.THINGS yOU sHOULD DO THE FOLLOWING tO FIRST.


  1. Delete apps that you rarely use or is not so important, by removing some applications will diminish their role RAM, so the performance of the process in order to reduce the burden on android immediately.
  2. Clear data traces such as cached android.
  3. You can use a clean master or cleaning application native android.
  4. Clear widget android who were on the menu or on the main screen of android.
  5. You can install a helper application for android ease when playing the game, like GameBooster 2 and GLTools in PlayStore.
  1. Try to see how much internal memory capacity of your smartphone, if it is already almost full, then you can move them to the sd card , because sometimes the HD games with certain chart suggests there should be more space on the application storage space.
  2. Observe application is not erased completely in the android Data and obb.
  3. View application is running on android task in the application settings, you can restart the android before opening and play the game, so the application is running will fall asleep.
  4. Clear data download data that you have saved in the gallery.
That way you will get the performance play both optimal and maximum, generally why can jam occurs because the processor and RAM android impose to open applications heavy game that was not enough or not able to run it, I’ve tested on android marshmallow with 3GB of RAM quite smoothly without any significant obstacles.

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