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Set the interior of the tiny living room is often a difficult thing for homeowners. Though the actual arrangement of tiny living room or small living room is easy.

Spacious room with limited or relatively small, this room should be more easily managed. There are some tips that can be considered for those who want to fireplace mantel ideas organize a small living room. Here are tips – tips.


In the selection of furniture for the living room are narrow, sofa be a popular choice. Minimalist corner sofa or couch is suitable placed in the small living room. Choose a sofa with a color corresponding to the color of paint the living room or theme you want presented in the living room.

If the living room wall is white, then black leather sofa can be the right choice. But if you want to have a living room that is cheerful and fun, choose a sofa with color – the color firmer as red, green, brown, orange or any other color. Lucky today sofa is already widely available in many colors that can be selected in accordance with the wishes.

Glass table

In the middle of the living room, you can put a minimalist glass table where the bottom of the table there is nowhere to put a book or magazine.Minimalist coffee table with a glass layer is much more appropriate to design tiny living room rather than using plain wooden tables which will give a full impression.


To add a warm impression in a minimalist living room, you’d better add a carpet in the middle of the living room or under the coffee table. These rugs can also serve as a focal point for your living room. The carpets were chosen should be a solid color without motive and have a matching color to the wall or floor in your tiny minimalist living room.


Floor to a small living room should have a bright and clear color. Bright colors like white or cream will give a wider visual effects in a small living room so the room feel more spacious.

After we read how to organize the tiny living space above, this is a great time to see the 18 pictures that are full of ideas about tiny living room design gorgeous and beautiful that can be applied at home you’ve been dreaming about.

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