GAMES Review Assassin’s Creed Identity, Action Game Simple From Ubisoft

A more forward assassin hiding ability as Clash Royale Hack Tool compared to frontal combat, so kill anyone caught in secret without even the victim himself is hustling. At least that’s what I can take from the story of Assassin’s Creed Identity, a game of assassin created by the development team giant Ubisoft .


Although referred to as an assassin, here the player can still be himself. In that sense, the player can put his own way, play according to your playing style you have. Therefore, at the beginning of the game, the development team provides an option for players to be able to create their own characters and choose from four classes assassin, that would have its own special abilities.

Fourth grade is divided into Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster, and Thief. Choose this class is based on the style of play you. Suppose you are a player that is frontal, the Berserker class is a class that suits your assassin character. Each class will also have skill trees are different from each other. And players can increase the ability of his own character by completing different types of missions, so the character can level up fast and produces SP ( Skill Point ).



In each mission there will be two types of missions, namely the main missions and extra missions. The primary mission is a mission that must be completed to proceed player storyline. While the extra missions are side missions that are not to be resolved, but if the player can complete the mission of this addition, the players will get more prizes in the form of more money and loot , which is usually a better clothing, or weapons. Loot and this outfit can then be applied to a character to strengthen the attack and defense.

Because the Assassin’s Creed Identity, players will meet with a wide range of mission variants, the tutorial itself are awarded each time the player will embark on a mission that requires new game mechanics. Call it mission stalking, killing a specific target, to protect specific target of attack a lot of enemies.

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