Fireplace Design Beautiful and Unique Living

The fireplace is an architectural structure designed to light a fire. The fireplace is used for practical purposes of heating, cooking and other purposes. The fireplace has great benefits when the rainy season as heating. But, with the passage of time the fireplace is not used as fireplace mantel ideas heating because there is already an electronic temperature regulator. Currently, the fireplace is used as an ornament decorating to improve the appearance of a room because the furnace has a very interesting architectural forms.

Today, we will show a collection of beautiful room fireplace design and unique to the living room that will really grab your attention because of its beauty. All designs come in all shapes and sizes, different designs, colors and materials are manifold. Design that you will see mostly only serve as decoration to beautify the room decor. Please you immediately see the designs fireplace below:

  • Contemporary Living Room with Fireplace

guest room combines contemporary accessories with a touch of retro. Classic design radiates from a fireplace that already seemed old.

  • Dolgin Eclectic Living Room Fireplace

fireplace flanked by modern accent chairs and mirrors as wall hangings. Texture brick gray unquestioning can improve the appearance of this simple living room.

  • Erica Lugbill Eclectic Living Room

This family room has a diverse mix of textures, patterns and materials to create a global beauty and eclectic. Dark blue color to accent the curtains and some decorations on the walls. This simple fireplace has a color that corresponds to the couch and floor.

  • Cottage Living Fireplace

Walls, floors and furniture neutral give this small room of life and make feature fireplace with wood texture increasingly prominent. Cozy atmosphere is suitable as a family gathering place.

  • Fireplace Living Room

Colour red sofa remain attractive even in a dimly lit room. All the decorations and accessories look outdated. But with this elegant fireplace, creating a warm and cozy look.

  • Georgia Room with Chairs and Fireplace

A modern room has a traditional touch with the fireplace and some firewood. This modern fireplace surrounded ceramic composition looks very attractive.

  • Grand Open Plan Living Room

Color soft walls and furniture allow more striking feature fireplace sebagia focal point because of its magnificent. Traditional wooden furniture, lighting and a classic painting had perfected this parlor.

  • James Rixner Eclectic Living Room

An eclectic modern room that maintains the classic side by putting a fireplace. Color gray, white and black create a special palette for this room.

  • Living Room Fireplace

combination of various accessories neat and clean because of the color combination of white, beige and gray in the fireplace area make this room more lively.

  • Living Room with Modern Fireplace

A fireplace is really a concern because a simple shape capable of emitting a large fire. With gray color in the vicinity, bringing the feel of a warm and inviting anyone. Abstract painting at the top appears to contrast perfectly with the design of the fireplace.

  • Living Room with Modern Tiles

Ceramic wall artistically like this might be used in the bathroom, but still look beautiful used as an additional decoration of this fireplace. With beautiful patterns and colors make the room bright blue is getting brighter.

  • White Seating Area with Zebra Pillows

Despite the room was filled with neutral colors, but very rich with texture and detail. Fireplace surrounded by marble stone looks luxurious and elegant.

  • Original Fabric Wall Beauty

Wallpaper wall should be given more value because it is so in harmony with the theme of this room.Fireplaces with natural stone materials tampail very beautiful and high artistic value. While the ranks of contemporary furniture providing comfortable seating and perfect.

  • Vibrant Contemporary Living Room

Design room with a modern theme. All looks futuristic even though there is a fireplace. The fireplace is adapted to form a relatively small and are placed on the upper wall. Design of vertical stripes make tampailan this room seem higher.

  • Yellow Living Room Fireplace

This room looks very comfortable for the lounge. A fireplace with a common form we see, with some cute artwork on the top.

You have seen the beautiful and unique fireplace design for the living room above, so what do you think? Do you like it? Are you planning to make in your home? To be sure all of the above design is very interesting and certainly unique because not everyone has it. Again, the fireplace should not be used to warm the room, but it’s been converted as part of a room. With the fireplace in your home, all the guests who came to the house you certainly notice it because not everyone has the desire to use it as a decoration of the room.

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