Buy Skateboard Tips For Beginners

Keen to play and buy a skateboard? One interesting thing about skateboarding is no binding rules for this extreme sport. No calculation of the score, there is no specific reference or coach who require you to step by step confusing. Skateboard is an individual sport. You can do what you want, whenever you want, wherever you can. In fact, a guy who is good skateboarding will look cool in the eyes of a girl. Do some tricks mainstay of you, then you will make your gebetan impressed . If you include a beginner, jual skateboard do not worry, not difficult to master skateboard. All you need now is to buy a skateboard with choosing the right equipment.

Buy Skateboard The Right Kind

Basically, there are two types of skateboards: the first is longboards or skateboards planked long used to walk the streets. Skateboard type is suitable if you frequently use a skateboard for transportation like coming home from school or from home to the garden where to hang out with friends. The second isshorter boards or shorter skateboard to play in skateparks or special playground skateboard.Skateboard is suitable for you who likes to do tricks using a skate board or cruising down the derivatives.

Deck or board

Most skate boards, where you stand, made of seven to nine layers of wood glued plywood and in-press in the container so the press to get the desired shape and curvature. Most boards are used for longboards have the same shape with a length of 76 – 82.5 cm with a width of 19-21 cm. Wider boards are usually more stable and easier to slide on ramps or steep, or to walk down mean streets. While a smaller board is very easily controlled to perform maneuvers and tricks of skateboarding.


This is a buffer between the board and the wheels. In it there is suspense rubber donut named bushing which serves as bentalan to veer. Truck which has a hard or rigid bushing can make the board more stable. Make sure you choose a Truck that matches the board you choose. If the truck is too short, the skateboard will be difficult to drive, but if it’s too long, even make it difficult to turn. High and Low Truck also you need to adjust. Truck high suitable for use skate wheels are great, and there is more space to perform tricks buffeting. While Truck low, more stable and comfortable to gliding. For those of you who are beginners, select Truck with a medium size.


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