Benefits of Running afternoon for a Healthy Body and Soul

Benefits afternoon run has been expressed by health experts. This is certainly not without reason. In principle, exercise is medicine. The words are not a figment. There are so many scientific studies proving that exercise is carried out regularly (150 minutes per week, which can be broken down into 5 sessions per week, each for 30 minutes), and in particular running, has health benefits far compared with supplements any vitamins that can be offered by your doctor.

Various studies conducted by experts showed that there are many health benefits for the afternoon run, which is for preventing obesity, preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus, lower blood pressure, and reduce a person’s risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Benefits of Running afternoon for a Healthy Body and Soul

Furthermore, health experts also found a very interesting fact that jogging can drastically improve the quality of your emotional and mental, and even help you to have a longer life. This is certainly very interesting and will be removed one by one through the following explanation.

Benefits of Running afternoon for More Healthy and Fit Body

Jogging can be done anytime, anywhere, and hardly requires supporting equipment is too much. Unless you want to be optimized to perform this exercise, of course, you’ll need at least a comfortable pair of running shoes. Does not have to be expensive, which is important in accordance with the size of your feet, comfortable, and able to protect from injury.

Jogging can be done in the morning, afternoon, evening and even days. Many people prefer to do in the afternoon. In addition to the sun is not so oppressive, the afternoon is the time people are free from the obligation to work to be done on that day. Running late is a very good way to improve your overall physical condition. What are the benefits of running late for your body? Consider a few points below.

  • Help you lose weight

No doubt that one of the reasons a person decides to go to the field is to reduce one or two kilograms of body weight. When you swing your hands and feet to run, your body will burn calories. The good news is, burning calories, it is also in progress after you have finished running, it is called the ” afterburn ” (the number of calories burned after exercise). To get it, you do not need to run at maximum speed just slightly faster than usual pace of your run.

Benefits afternoon run if you do it on a regular basis is to increase the rate of ” afterburn ” is. When the body burns calories, especially if coupled with calorie restriction that comes in will help you lose weight and keep the weight in order to remain consistent.

  • Strengthen bones and joints

Benefits afternoon second run is to help strengthen bones and joints, not only the bones and joints of the knee, but also in some other parts of the body. You may have heard the myth that circulated among relatives and friends who said that “run it’s not good for the knees”. Scientific research proves that it is not true.

A researcher from Boston University named David Felson, in an interview on national radio, saying that the evening ran very well for the health of your knee. Jogging can increase bone mass, and help grow bone cells that die due to the aging factor. Felson revealed that based on studies conducted over a long period, there were no destructive effects of a run on the bones and joints of the knee.

Felson, as quoted from the interview session saying, “When we observe people with arthritis of the knee, we could not find a history of the previous track. On the other hand, when we looked at the people who exercise regularly run, then followed them to see the development of certain diseases, we could not find the risk of inflammation of the joints as we had hoped “. Even after running a person feels pain in the muscles, bones and joints, likely it is because of injury due to run the wrong way.

  • Good for brain cells

Many people who complain of dementia as they age a growing (if you are one of them?). Benefits afternoon run if done regularly is to help lower the risk. A study published in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review in December 2012 revealed that fitness activities are conducted on a regular basis can help combat the decreased ability of the brain associated with aging.

There are three kinds of brain power that can be taken care capacity through sport, the task switching (the brain’s ability to switch from one kind of task to the next), selective attention (the brain’s ability to focus on one particular stimulus when some stimulus coming together), as well as working memory (short-term memory to process information and make a decision based on that information).

Thus, it is not surprising that there is someone who says that the mind feels more ‘sharp’ as he regularly ran late. It was true. With the afternoon run, the brain’s ability to focus attention, concentration, and planning has increased.

  • Maintaining a healthy heart and lungs

Benefits also ran afternoon we hear a lot is to maintain a healthy heart and lungs, by lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar levels , increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood, and increase lung capacity. Someone who regularly run the risk of an afternoon of heart disease decreases by half, compared with those who do not do any sports activity.

By running, the blood vessels throughout the body will become elastic, and the heart muscle will become stronger. Running late, though only done for fifteen minutes a day and at a speed that is not so high (less than 10 kilometers per hour), can help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels in the blood and reduce the risk of death from heart disease.

  • Prevent cancer

The benefits to your health afternoon run the other is to lower a person’s risk of cancer. In women, the afternoon run can prevent breast cancer. For people who have suffered from cancer, running or brisk walking can also improve their quality of life in addition to therapy they were doing.

Other Benefits of Running afternoon?

Now you have heard of the benefits of running late for physical health. However, as has been said earlier, this track brings benefits to all parts of our bodies, not least for the mental and emotional. Benefits track this afternoon for our psychological, among others:

  • reduce stress

Stress not only interfere with your mood, but it can also cause a number of health problems such as decreased appetite or disruption of sleep patterns. When you regularly run in the afternoon, the body releases a stress hormone that can fight so you’ll always have a good mood and a positive mind.

  • Improving sleep disorders

When you regularly run in the afternoon, you will experience for yourself that you be not easily sleepy during the day. The mind feels sharper concentration at work so you become better (which leads to increased your work performance). While at night, you can sleep more soundly.

Similarly, the article discusses the benefits of an afternoon run. Running during the afternoon we often take for granted, it brings a myriad of benefits not only the physical but also the mental. If there is a way that is easier and cheaper to maintain your overall health, why not? Good luck and feel the benefits!

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