5 Tips on how to maintain the health of the body to keep fit

Prevent disease is an attempt to maintain a healthy body to always be the optimal activity and productive. Unconsciously, we will think about the ‘cure’ when his illness.

However, when it was recovering from a particular disease, many of us go back to the lifestyle habits and behaviors are less healthy as before, which tend to be less healthy and does not meet the spirit ‘ prevention is better ‘.

5 How to maintain a healthy body

In essence, an attempt to keep the body always fresh and fit as well as away from ancaraman disease is more to the factor of diet and healthy lifestyle.

Here are tips on keeping the body in order to remain healthy and strong in carrying out daily activities:

    • Drinking WaterDrinking Water is the designation by the public in general for mineral water or fresh water, which is boiled water or water that is first sterilized (drinkable), without containing any mix. Consumption of water of at least 1.5 to 2ltr a day or less 8 glasses a day can help a person’s body fitness.

      Associated with the adequacy of water consumption is simply adapted to each activity. And, no less important is cultivated drink water with sitting, even better if you read ‘Bismillah’ and prayer.


    • Regular exerciseadvice about regular exercise has been expressed in various places and occasions. Still, most people do not live it because most people have a ‘mindset’ that the name of the sport takes a special, special place, as well as a variety of things that are difficult to implement.

      In fact, regular exercise is meant to be on foot. Exercise walking is believed to be the most watched sports simple but has a positive effect on health, one can streamline bloated stomach and effectively help solve the problem of obesity.


    • Maintaining EmotionalHealth body with the emotions being experienced by a person. Someone who shows emotion feeling happy or sad, angry, anxious, frustrated and so responded by other organs.

      The most probable explanation of the impact and influence of emotions on people’s health is the level of stress experienced by a person can trigger the formation of free radicals in the body, which, if it is allowed in the long term will be a source of disease.


    • Consumption of healthy foodsGood wholesome food to maintain a healthy body and of course many different kinds, essentially the food must be rich in nutrients, natural and sterile. While the additional requirement for a healthy diet containing compounds are antioxidants.

      Foods that contain antioxidants should be included in the ‘list’ menu should be consumed every day. This is certainly to keep the body fit is always fresh and protected from various threats of degenerative diseases.


  • Regular restbreaks regularly not only on the frequency and the number of how long we rest, but more on how the quality of sleep we are living. Bed rest or sleep quality has an important role on the health of one’s body.

    Quality of rest or sleep enough and regularly in a day and night touted to have a role in the stability of the production of various hormones in the body, even the lack of sleep is also known as one of the causes of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Five tips on how to maintain a healthy body that has been mentioned above is certainly only a fraction of the effort to get the body fresh and fit to always be able to perform well and optimally.

Keep trying to improve your diet and lifestyle to avoid the various diseases especially like at this point where changeable weather can be extreme.


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